The SWAT Team

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James Shoffeitt CADC-II


Surf Instructor/ Group Facilitator

Serene Waters Adventure Therapy was founded in 2016 By James Shoffeitt in Orange County California.  James has a deep passion for helping guide men and women of all ages to discovering their own internal peace, sense of serenity, & character strengths. He has been clean and sober since 2008, and has been counseling since 2011.  James learned to surf at age 7, and rekindled his relationship with the ocean in 2009. He is an avid waterman and loves to spend time with his family, hike, and camp He started practicing surf therapy in 2014 at a local substance abuse program. From there he founded Serene Waters Adventure Therapy specifically to promote happiness & serenity, and help others open up in an alternative therapeutic environment.


Samantha Surf Instructor  (Orange County surf therapy)

Samantha Thek

Surf Instructor/Assistant Group Facilitator 

Samantha is a California local & U.S. Air Force Veteran. She has been clean and sober for 6 years and loves working with others in the ocean. When she is not instructing with Serene Waters she is teaching at O.C.C. or spending time with her dogs. She loves dogs more than people! In fact she is the primary dog handler for our pet therapy sessions we offer.


Lindsay Law

Surf Instructor/Assistant Group Facilitator 

Lindsay started surfing when she moved to Orange County at the age of 12.  She absolutely fell in love with the sport and has been passionate about it ever since.  Learning at Huntington Beach, she picked it up very quickly and enjoys short boarding, long boarding, and body boarding.  Over the years she has come to rally enjoy the slower and easier island lifestyle, so on any given weekend you will probably find her long boarding at Doheny. As a huge lover of the water, the ocean has been a great source of healing and peace for her in her life, and on her spiritual journey, and she is passionate about teaching and helping others find this serenity as well. When she’s not surfing or teaching you might find her playing ukulele at the beach or performing sound and energy healing for those in need.



Nala- Great Dane

Interactive Therapeutic Pet

Meet Nala. She is a 2 year old Great Dane and apart of our adventure team. She has had experience working with non-profit organizations; where she has gone into seniors nursing homes. She has also been apart of studies that track how interacting with dogs can impact college students under stress during mid-terms and finals. She has been trained by a Great Dane specialist at P.C.F. K-9 and is considered a service animal. She thinks she is a lap dog & isn’t one to play fetch but loves to play catch with a tennis ball.If you bounce it off the group she will jump in the air to catch it!!!!



Simba- Dachshund/Mix Breed

Interactive Therapeutic Pet

Simba is 2.5 Years old and a great companion. He is considered a service dog in training and is fun/ easy to work with. He has passed basic obedience & socialization training. He loves to cuddle, and play fetch with a ball. He is a fast and keeps up with the big dogs. He has been screened and approved by other non-profit organizations and has participated in sessions at senior nursing homes and local colleges.

Why We Do It

We have chosen to do this because we want all people to find more than just a existence on this planet, but a life filled with peace, serenity, and joy. We would like be a vessel for people to add to their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  We are all about the simple things in life and want to teach others through our experience. We want to help change the vibe of the recovery community through assisting others in becoming more radiant, calm, & peaceful people  through personal exploration, mindfulness, and new experiences.

Our mission at Serene Waters is simple and founded on there basic principles:

Passion- We believe in sharing our passion and joy for the ocean with others.

Bliss- We love to help others rekindle and find their joys in life.

Commitment-  We strive to help others by committing ourselves to this work.