Supportive & Transitional Sober Living

Are you a male seeking a safe and structured sober living environment in San Luis Obispo? As a parent, are you struggling to support your adult child’s academic goals due to their alcohol and drug use, or mental health issues? Are you a local therapist, or treatment provider searching for long-term solutions for your male clients?

Coming in the Fall of 2023 we will offer a safe and structured living environment in the San Luis Obispo region that promotes academic achievement, life skills, and career success while supporting  residents on their recovery journey. Below is a description of our housing program. If you have an interest, questions, or would like to reserve a bed in our house for the Fall of 2023 then please complete this interest form.

Our services extend beyond traditional sober living. Whether you are a local resident, a student, or seeking a fresh start on the Central Coast, we are here to support you. Our living plans are customized to meet each resident’s unique needs and are designed to support SUD recovery, collegiate recovery, life skills development, and provide supportive mental health housing.

Our Environment:

  1. A clean & sober living environment for men (18+) with structure, accountability & life skills.
  2. Academic support, service coordination, recovery coaching , 12 step/other support group guidance, &  family involvement.
  3. Regular outings, service activities, retreats, gym equipment, wifi, T.V., and More.

We’re conveniently located near the coast, midway between LA and the Bay Area, and just a stone’s throw away from Downtown SLO, Cal Poly University, Cuesta Community College, employment opportunities, breathtaking beaches, and scenic hiking trails. Our adventurous program includes regular excursions including surfing lessons, yoga classes, rock climbing, fishing trips, service projects, campouts, movies, and more! While we do not provide clinical services, we work alongside community providers, such as therapists, SUD/ mental health outpatient clinics, virtual online providers, and detox+ residential programs.

If you have an interest, or would like to reserve a bed in our house in the Fall of 2023 then please complete this interest form or contact James (949) 464-7123.