Kayaking Therapy

To see some of our video content that we collaborated on with a client of ours please click here Kayaking and Paddle-boarding Therapy

IMG_2044 This type of therapeutic activity is great for those who are not quite ready to face the waves or the open ocean. We have seen huge break throughs for clients that have a fear of large bodies of water and/ or cant swim. Due to the safety that the harbor provides and the stability of the kayak with a life jacket many people that may be anxious or afraid are often able to work through this in a session or two with the help of the instructor and peers.


As far as group work is concerned: This is an experiential group that utilizes interpersonal communication skills through paring up participants in kayaks and appointing a peer leader which fosters communication, and team building. The group allows clients to have experiential learning opportunities to observe and apply personal communication styles, improve active listening skills, and address conflicts within the group.