Surfing & Mindfulness Groups & 1-on-1’s

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Surf Therapy Groups For Treatment Programs

Surf Therapy Groups- 2 Hrs for up to 6 participants. We will provide soft-top surfboards & wetsuits. Click here to schedule a session for a treatment center, mental health program, or other organized educational/therapeutic organization. These are closed groups and only clients in your program will attend these sessions scheduled.

1 on 1 Surfing & Mindfulness Lessons

Private 1 on 1 sessions- 90 min. for $165 We are located in the Orange County area & the Central Coast region (SLO), of California. We will provide you with a soft-top surfboard & wetsuit. No surfing experience is required. A beginner surf lesson is part of the session along with brief mindfulness exercises.

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Recovering from addiction is not a prerequisite for this lesson. Anyone can benefit from the healing properties of mindfulness and surfing. Whether you are looking to expand who you are, or would like to use surfing as a healing modality for your recovery/ mental wellbeing, or personal growth we can help you*.

Why Choose Us for Your Treatment Center?

It can be challenging for treatment programs to fully engage their clients throughout the entire treatment process. We developed a surf therapy program for addiction treatment centers that solves that problem by getting clients excited and engaged in their treatment. Your clients will get fast results with coping skills, and your center will have a better client satisfaction rating over all. You will even attract more potential clients by utilizing our services.

How does the client benefit? They will:

  • Learn to challenge their comfort zone and problem solve.
  • They experience a hands on mindfulness meditation session which creates new healthy neural pathways.
  • Reduce cravings, anxiety, and depression.
  • Feel more empowered and self confident.
  • Feel a sense of purpose and connection in their recovery .
  • Get an opportunity to open up in an alternative therapeutic environment.
  • Become excited about their recovery process and lifestyle changes.

How does your center benefit?

  • We do all the planning and take the clients off of your hands for a few hours so some of your staff can be freed up to complete their other duties.
  • You will get a higher satisfaction rating from your clients which leads to better reviews of your services.
  • You can market our services on your site to attract more clients.
  • We can complete all the charting in your EMR.
  • We will help your team in treating the whole person.

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*If needed we recommend you seek a higher level of professional care. This is an adjunct therapeutic service. This is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all or standalone approach. There are many facets to mental health and wellness. if you do need help with resources we can point you in the right direction.