Serene Waters Adventure Therapy provides therapeutic surfing & outdoor groups to recovery & mental health treatment programs. We also offer 1 on 1 surfing & mindfulness lessons (where you learn how to surf).  We want to share the stoke & the magnificent power of the ocean with others through surfing, mindfulness, empowerment, and connection. We also offer other therapeutic services to help people through a holistic approach. We serve Orange County, CA & the Central Coast. 



How it works

-Individual Sessions & Treatment Groups

1 on 1’s: We offer private surfing and mindfulness lessons. For more info please browse our services page  for pricing or to schedule a session. You do not need to be in treatment or an addict in recovery to benefit from surfing and mindfulness.*

Groups: We have worked with Residential, PHP, and Outpatient  programs. We make the experience fun and engaging for the clients. We tailor the groups to help address the client’s needs according to their level of care.  A group itinerary will be created that meets the demands of  your program and clinical scheduling. Please review our “program overview page” to learn more about what we can do for your clients. 

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Please contact us by clicking here for further details about our services and to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss the needs of your program.

*If needed we recommend you seek a higher level of professional care. This is an adjunct therapeutic service. It is not meant to be a replacement for a professional/medical help there are many facets to wellness and mental health.

We also offer Surf lessons in Orange County & the Central Coast of California. We teach surf lessons in Pismo Beach. Please visit to book with us.