We Are Helping People Through Surfing & The Outdoors


Many people are struggling with stress management, mental health, and recovery from addiction. We provide surf therapy (where you learn to surf) as an out of the box approach to treating mental health, and addiction. Our clients get fast results when it comes to their mental health, emotions, and recovery. Many of our clients report feeling happier, less anxious, and more empowered even after just one session. We want you to feel more at ease on your journey to wellness.

We specialize in private surf therapy sessions & surf therapy programing for addiction/mental health treatment programs. We also offer other experiential therapy services to help reach and engage people through a holistic approach.  All of our services are a hands on experience that implement evidence based practices to help your clients get the most out of their treatment.


How it works

-Private Sessions

The session will include goal setting, mindfulness exercises, stretching, and a surfing lesson. Following each session we will review the benefits of the session and personal insights gained from the experience. Exploring the power of the ocean is a beautiful way to self realization and mindfulness. Please see our services page  if you are interested in joining one of our semi-private surf therapy groups or booking a private 1-1 session. 

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-Treatment groups

We will create an experiential therapy program  for your treatment center, mental health program, or educational/ therapeutic organization that is specific to your programs needs. We have worked with Residential, PHP, and Outpatient  programs. We tailor the groups to help address the client’s needs according to their level of care.  A group itinerary will be created that meets the demands of  your program and clinical scheduling. Group documentation will be completed by a qualified group leader.

We can help you and your clients.


Please contact us by clicking here for further details about our services and to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss the needs of your program.