Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy is the main focus of our program. This is a holistic experiential group process that helps promote mindfulness, spiritual awareness, and physical relaxation.

Part 1-Group will start with introductions, and a meditation.  Followed by a check in, discussion, and intention setting. This is to allow our surfers to understand the groups purpose and identify therapeutic goals for the day.


Part 2- The surf session will be at a beach with proper ocean conditions that cater to the level of experience of the group. Basic tips, ocean safety, stretching, and a brief tutorial will be provided for beginners along with surfboards and wetsuits. Our surfers are supervised and assisted by a counselor while in the ocean.


Part 3- The surfers will write a journal reflection, or verbally reflect on  the session to
process emotions connected to their experience in the ocean and share personal insights. This is the main focus of the surf therapy session. The overall goal is to introduce people to a new state of mind filled with serenity, peace, and bliss.