Program Overview

Surf Therapy 

Surf Therapy is the main focus of our program. This is a holistic experiential process that helps promote mindfulness, self confidence, and physical activity.

Part 1-Group will start with introductions, and a meditation.  Followed by a check in, discussion, and intention setting. This is to allow our surfers to understand the groups purpose and identify therapeutic goals for the day.


Part 2- The surf session take place and we will teach and assist partipants as needed. We promote ocean safety, stretching,  and provide  surfboards & wetsuits. Our surfers are supervised and assisted by staff while in the ocean.


Part 3- The surfers will reflect on  the session and share emotions connected to their experience in the ocean and share personal insights. This is the main focus of the surf therapy session. The overall goal is to introduce people to a new state of mind filled with serenity, peace, and bliss.


Other Approaches

We also offer S.U.P./ Kayaking therapy, interactive pet groups, mindfulness walks, hiking therapy, and indoor rock climbing experiences. All of these services allow opportunities for growth and assist with coping skills, self reflection, and mindfulness.

SUP & Kayaking Therapy

This type of therapeutic activity is great for those who are not quite ready to face the waves or the open ocean. We have seen huge break throughs for clients that have a fear of large bodies of water and/ or cant swim. Due to the safety that the harbor provides and the stability of the kayak with a life jacket many people that may be anxious or afraid are often able to work through this in a session or two with the help of the instructor and peers. To see some of our video content that we collaborated on with a client of ours please  CLICK HERE to see the video clip.

Interactive Therapeutic Pet Sessions

Serene Waters loves dogs!!!!!! On rainy days or when the surf/ outdoors are not an option due to weather conditions we substitute surf therapy for interactive therapeutic pet groups. Group participants can interact with pets while the group facilitator shares therapeutic curriculum relevant to the clients treatment/ recovery.  Following session clients can share about the benefits of the session, and any other insight they have gained from pet interaction. Our goal with this group is to help reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and increase oxytocin levels to promote a feeling of bonding and connectivity.

Hiking Therapy

This groups goal is to promote mindfulness and grounding. Allowing clients to have an experience applying coping skills through engaging the Five senses, and identifying thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and breathing patterns. Following the group hike the leader prompts people to share about their current mental, physical, and emotional state. While allowing space for sharing about how these skills and the outdoors could be used on their journey to recovery and wellness.

Rock Climbing Therapy 

Rock Climbing is the ultimate comfort zone challenge. We love to use this exercise to help build trust and challenge people to step out of their comfort zones. The group leader will  belay the climber and peers will provide guidance and support. After the climbing people often feel empowered and motivated to go tackle other fears and life problems.